• 3ee-Sound Design Battery Leak Soundset for u-he Zebra

    3ee-Sound Design Battery Leak Soundset for u-he Zebra

    Battery Leak is a collection of 64 instruments inspired by the crunchy-smooth character of DCO synths such as the Roland Alpha Juno and dense digital timbres reminiscent of PPG wavetables, upgraded with a modern edge via Zebra’s oscillator capabilities ranging in tones from detailed multi-PWM, rich hard-sync sounds and silky superwaves to solid EDM/rave with borderline chiptune crunch.

    Hard to define really… basically you’re getting a diverse yet coherent, multi-range EDM orientated collection with a fair dose of niche and character. Also, the overall sound would be more like bright, digital and opened, rich in harmonics rather than heavily filtered, a little on the aggressive side but without sounding harsh, too hyped-up or distorted.
    Not convinced, or the term EDM was too scary? … have a listen to the audio demos:

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