• borth-audio Gamble Kid KONTAKT

    borth-audio Gamble Kid KONTAKT

    Gamble Kid is a virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt, giving you the classic sound of a very famous Japanese 8-bit handheld console from 1989 (GB DMG-01).

    The original GB sound chip features four sound channels: Square (CH1/CH2), Wave (CH3) and Noise (CH4). To enable MIDI support a self-built “Arduinoboy” MIDI interface was used in addition to the soft­ware mGB V1.3.3 running on the GB. To reduce audio noise the GB was modified with an addi­tional audio output bypassing the internal speaker (“Pro Sound Mod”). The audio was recorded using an A-Designs P-1 microphone preamp.
    Additional features (not available on original hardware):

    Adjustable attack noise and note release noise
    Full AHDSR volume envelope
    Low Pass Filter (LPF) with AHDSR envelope
    Chorus, Reverb, Rotator, Tremolo and Vibrato (with mod wheel)

    Total number of samples:

    4,576 (@44.1 kHz/24 bit, mono)

    System Requirements:

    Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4 or above


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