• PROJECTSAM Orchestral Brass Classic

    PROJECTSAM Orchestral Brass Classic

    Orchestral Brass Classic is the re-issue of the most respected symphonic brass series on the sample market: SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions. known for its ambient, cinematic sound, orchestral brass classic is the only brass library that no film, tv or game composer can afford to be without.
    The following brass sections are included in Orchestral Brass Classic:
    French Horn Section (4)
    Trombone Section (3)
    Bb Trumpet Section (3)
    The following brass solo instruments are included in Orchestral Brass Classic:
    Solo French Horn
    Solo Trombone
    Bonus Bass Trombone
    Solo Bb Trumpet
    Solo Piccolo Trumpet
    Solo C Tuba
    <<Download Links>>

    Orchestral Brass Classic.part1.rar – 4.0 GB
    Orchestral Brass Classic.part2.rar – 3.9 GB

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