• Sonokinetic Mallets KONTAKT

    Sonokinetic Mallets KONTAKT

    Sonokinetic BV is proud to announce this library of orchestral melodic percussion essentials. We feel this is a beautiful addition to
    our orchestral libraries as it allows you to add a percussive element,
    as well as enhanced definition to fast runs in other sections of the

    These instruments will add a shine to your full orchestral
    arrangements, but they will come in equally handy in small group
    composition, where they will easily carry their own weight… Marimba and
    bass clarinet anyone?
    The instruments in the Mallets collection are recorded in the Netherlands, at the ‘Muziekcentrum voor de Omroep’, the national
    broadcasting center.The instruments we sampled are top class and have been used in many broadcast recordings and studio sessions for Dutch National radio and
    TV. Recordings were captured in a semi-close stereo configuration with
    Schoeps Microphones, Apogee pre-amps and converters, in a medium sized
    studio with high ceiling. The Impulse Response sample used in the
    instrument is sampled in the much-acclaimed Cinematic Concert Hall in
    Zlin, Czech Republic, where Sonokinetic’s orchestral libraries Tutti,
    Vivace and Da Capo are recorded. This will make the instruments blend in
    perfectly with the aforementioned libraries, as well as with other
    sampled offerings and live recordings. All Sonokinetic Mallets instruments are played with an assortment of mallets allowing you to choose the brightness and attack you need for
    your specific project. For Marimba and Xylophone two different sets of
    mallets are included, wool (two-zone) and rubber for Marimba, and wood
    and rubber for xylophone. Tubular bells have been played with a two
    sided hammer, solid plastic on one side, and leather on the other side,
    giving you the option for either a mellow or a sharp attack. The
    Glockenspiel is played with a brass-tip mallet, which gives it a
    beautiful presence and makes the instrument cut through any mix. Our
    Glockenspiel has been sampled with pedal up and pedal down, allowing you
    to play it like you would a real Glockenspiel. You can choose whether
    you want the notes to sound the full length (up to 10 seconds) or be
    damped instantly for very busy parts. If you want an even softer attack
    for any of the instruments, or you want to suggest more distance, the
    attack envelope can be changed within the interface.All Sonokinetic Mallets instruments have been recorded with up to four velocity layers, and four round robins for each of them. These
    round robins are tripled by using transposed sets of samples, allowing
    for many non-repeating repetitions. This is perfect for fast repetitive
    playing, typical of marimba and xylophone. As with many Sonokinetic
    libraries, we didn’t shy away from also recording very loud hits, mapped
    to only the highest few velocities.Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best value & quality sample producers and with this product we like to underline that
    statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality

    Compatible Kontakt 4.2.4 and Kontakt 5

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