• Sound Dust Complete Kontakt Bundle

    Sound Dust Complete Kontakt Bundle

    Complete Kontakt Bundle Includes:
    Ships Piano³

    A character piano modeller

    Flutter EP + wavetable

    An electric piano like you´ve never heard before

    Modular Chaos Engine #1.1 Found

    A collection of unlikely sound sources that include a lawn mower, kite flying, celery, static electricity

    Modular Chaos Engine #2.1 Evolved

    A chaotic drum device for a chaotic world

    OddHop – modular chaos engine #3

    Quirky, wonky Kontakt drum device

    Modular Chaos Engine #4 – Steel Drum Percussion Room

    A kit of lovely, dusty, binaurally recorded acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums

    Cloud Cello

    Deeply multisampled hybrid Cello Kontakt sample library

    Cloud Viola

    The DNA of a viola, but not a viola anymore

    Dulcitone 1884²

    Worlds first multi-sampled rare and beautiful 150 (ish) year old DULCITONE

    dULCITONE 1900²

    A 16-year younger beauty with a slightly jinglier and more even tone

    Ghost Dulcitone 1900

    An ancient and rare keyboard invigorated with nifty digital witchcraft

    GrandThrift autoHarp²

    GrandThrift autoHarp² is what happens when you mate a tiny autoharp with a full sized grand piano


    Classic tonewheel organ sample set

    Hammr Growler

    The Growler is a 3GB monster that is the filthy brother of the not particularly demure Hammr+


    Huge modular machine that combines multisampled waveforms from several classic synths

    Plastic Ghost Piano

    One of a kind “acoustic” piano

    <<Download Links>>

    Pendleonium3.rar – 1.1 GB
    Sound Dust Cloud Cello.rar – 1.5 GB
    sound DUST.part01.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part02.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part03.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part04.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part05.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part06.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part07.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part08.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part09.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part10.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part11.rar – 700.0 MB
    sound DUST.part12.rar – 268.7 MB
    sound.DUST.Pendleonium.3.KONTAKT.rar – 1.1 GB

    Plastic Ghost Piano_Sound-Dust.rar – 500.4 MB
    Prepared.Pianet.rar – 309.8 MB
    sound.DUST.Cloud.Cello.KONTAKT.rar – 1.5 GB
    sound.DUST.Cloud.Viola.KONTAKT.rar – 1.4 GB
    sound.DUST.Hammr.Plus.R2.KONTAKT.rar – 638.7 MB
    Sound.Dust.Modular.Chaos.Engine.2.Evolved.rar – 276.8 MB
    sound.DUST.ORGONE.KONTAKT.rar – 1.1 GB


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