• Soundtrax Minipoly KONTAKT

    Soundtrax Minipoly KONTAKT

    The Minipoly contains amazing raw analogue and tape oscillator samples, great filters, a chord system and six effects.

    The TAPE SAW OSC are long sawtooth waves recorded for each key on tape of a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo. You can hear wow and flutter and even tape dropouts – quite similar to a Mellotron. The SAW OSC, Square OSC and White Noise waves are directly recorded minimoog samples – and sound much crisper than the ‘taped’ waves.

    All oscillators are mono waves, but when DUAL MODE is activated (switchable LED for each OSC) a second sample is added to each note and both waves are panned hard to L-R. This will produces a strong stereo image. Mix mono and dual oscillators to control/adjust the stereo width of the sound.

    Tape Sawtooth Oscillator
    Sawtooth Oscillator
    Square Oscillator
    White Noise
    all OSC samples perfecty looped
    fine tuning (+ – 100 cent)
    mono or dual mode (two OSCs spread to stereo)


    Filter Section:

    Low Pass Ladder Filter with Frequency Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope Amount, Filter Envelope
    additional Low Cut Filter


    Pitch and Filter LFOs
    switch for re-triggered / untriggered mode
    switch for free-floating / tempo sync mode
    controls for LFO amount, rate and waveforms

    Master Control:

    polyphonic / monophonic mode
    glide (portamento)
    octave shift -1 to +1
    ajustable pitch bend range and velocity sensitivity
    10 interval / chord presets

    Internal Effects:

    Convolution Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Overdrive
    quick and easy FX editing


    30 presets (Kontakt snapshots)

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